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Your total carbon footprint
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Understand your footprint. Achieve net zero.

Illuminate the path to net zero for your small business, with sustainability intelligence from Spherics.

What we offer

Quantify your carbon footprint
Understand and reduce your emissions
Communicate your progress
Win business in the net zero marketplace
Comply with incoming regulations


Quantify your carbon footprint quickly
See your carbon footprint in just a few clicks by connecting your accounting software
Increase the accuracy of your footprint by entering additional data
Comply with the
Save money by using our smart platform instead of expensive consultants
Your total carbon footprint
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10% lower
Against the average for your industry, you produce 10% less carbon
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Understand and reduce your emissions
Understand your carbon footprint through helpful comparisons and contextual content
Get helpful guidance to begin making emissions reductions
Set achievable science-based targets and track your performance against them
Comply with the latest standards and accreditation requirements


Communicate your progress and build momentum
Manage your emissions in real time rather than archaic annual reports
Clearly demonstrate progress against your targets and commitments
Meet legislative or accreditation requirements with confidence
Automate reports for your shareholders, customers and employees
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Carbon Reduction Plan
4.5% reduction
You need to make a 4.5% reduction to be on track to meet your target.
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Numbers you can trust

Spherics is a powerful, adaptive platform with embedded climate know-how, providing you with your own unique emissions profile.

Actionable insights

Spherics provides emissions data on your supply chain partners so that you can make informed and impactful decisions on procurement.

Increased accountability and transparency

Spherics generates tailored actions, benchmarks and references for your industry, to help you assess your environmental performance against others.

Increased understanding

Spherics facilitates deeper engagement with your environmental impact using a combination of plain English explanations and simple analytics to make carbon accounting easy, informative and enjoyable.

Targeting and reduction advice

Spherics supports you to set emissions reduction targets that align with the most up-to-date research on climate change and provides useful actions to help you reduce your carbon footprint.

What you'll get

Link your data

Connect your chosen cloud accounting package to get an initial footprint quickly.

We currently support:

Built to work for
small business owners


We’ve developed a powerful, adaptive platform with embedded climate know-how, providing you with your own unique emissions profile.


Our platform integrates with your preferred accounting software, to produce an initial carbon footprint in just a few clicks.


We understand that cost is the primary reason for net zero inaction in businesses, so our platform will always remain accessible for all business sizes.


We simplify the complicated process of calculating emissions, allowing you to focus on making informed decisions with confidence.

Near real-time

Your carbon emissions appear in Spherics as quickly as your expenditure appears in your accounts, helping you monitor and react.

Your data is safe with us

Spherics builds a carbon footprint from your accounting data.

We know your accounting data is sensitive so we adopt the highest standards of security for your peace of mind:
We use trusted APIs from leading accountancy platforms.
We don’t store your bank account details - only data about your expenditure and transactions.
We follow a data security protocol that meets GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) and NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) requirements.